The Psyn-Post

Reconstruction of Newsletter of the PsyWar Detachment at Fort Riley, KS

VOLUME 1 # 20             SPECIAL SEND HOME COPY, THE PSYN-POST             PAGE 9


Standing, left to right: M/Sgt McDonel, Lt Col McCulloch, Lt Col Holmes, Lt Anderson, Lt Van Tuyl, Sfc Whitney; kneeling, left to right: Pvt Evard, Pvt Heaton, Pfc Purgatorio, Pvt Muraca, Pfc Pollack and Pfc Maguran.

                     THE S 1 SECTION                     
S-1 Section

                     THE S 2 SECTION                     
S-2 Section

==S 2==

Standing, back row, left to right: Lt Horne, Pvt Saylor, Cpl Hartley, Pfc Pearson, Pvt Feudtner, Lt Travers; middle row: Sfc Dixon, Pfc Sanfilippo, Pfc Fisher, Pvt Streit; front row: Lt Clohecy, Pvt Godfrey, Pvt Weimar, Pvt Yamaguchi, Pvt N. Smith, and Lt Doddo.

==S 4==

Reading left to right: Pvt Grodnick, Sgt Grissom, Sgt Colomo, Pfc Ogle, Cpl Tilbrook, Sfc Benton, Lt Ketchpay, WOJG Peterson.

                     THE S 4 SECTION                     
S-4 Section

                  "THE MONITOR SECTION"                  
Monitor Section


Reading left to right, back row: Pvt Crump, Pvt Taborsky, Pvt Karbonski; front row: Pvt McCloud, Lt Lester, Pvt Matsuska.
Employing monitored material compiled by members of MR&B Co., this staff has published the daily "Monitor"---a publication that has gained widespread interest. It presents the news as heard over VOA, AFRS, and Radio Moscow, as well as other outlets of information.

This is not a copy of the original.  However the text is as it was originally and the photographs are inserted in the same general location as in the original.  Many thanks to Elmer Horne, former 2nd Lt in the 2nd L & L and PsyWar Detachment (see Page #9), who supplied a copy of "The Psyn-Post" and without whose help this page would not be possible.

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