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Prov. L-L

PROVISIONAL LOUDSPEAKER & LEAFLET COMPANY: Reading from left to right, top row: Pvt Bochat, Pfc Daniels, Pfc Cox, Pfc Meineke, Pfc Wilhelm, Pvt Korbonski, Pvt Hill, Pvt Hepding, Pvt Wilson, Pfc Murakami, Sgt Hentschel, M/Sgt Wiggins; middle row: Pfc Seki, Pvt Lieberman, Pvt Boyle, Pfc Ziegler, Pfc Trussell, Pfc Hurlocker, Pvt Toogood, Pvt Freie, Pvt Luxender, Pfc Lechene, Pfc Konikoff; front row: Sgt Paterson, Pvt Burack, Pfc Fisher, Pvt Murray, Cpl Lauterwasser and Sgt Colomo.


   Listen to the sighs (or should we say Psys?) of contentment.

   Activation and our forthcoming move should result in many changes, changes of improvement for the unit Loudspeaker & Leaflet Company. We will soon be working on specific jobs and using our own equipment. The days of practicing with someone else's equipment on jobs sometimes quite unrelated to PsyWar should soon be but a memory.

C. O.

   There have been considerable changes in our company since early October of last year when personnel first were assigned to it. In the ensuing months, the company has been increased in size and versatility by a constant influx of EM with widely-diversified backgrounds. We now have personnel from every part of this county and many other parts of the world; men who are skilled in such fields as art, photography, printing, writing, geology, and language, to mention but a few.


   The coming months will be days of growth toward maturity for the 9th L&L, days of growing pains in which the wide skills will be coordinated into an effecttive and smoothly-operating unit. We intend to work toward that time.

This is not a copy of the original.  However the text is as it was originally and the photographs are inserted in the same general location as in the original.  Many thanks to Elmer Horne, former 2nd Lt in the 2nd L & L and PsyWar Detachment (see Page #9), who supplied a copy of "The Psyn-Post" and without whose help this page would not be possible.  As far as we know, when the 6th Radio Broadcasting & Leaflet Group was formed and transferred to The Psychological Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg, NC, the personnel shown were either transferred to other companys within the group or to the existing 2nd Loudspeaker & Leaflet Company that was attached to the 6th for administration.

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