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Personnel with PRESSing Problems

Prov. Repro

PROVISIONAL REPRODUCTION COMPANY: Reading from left to right, top row: Pfc Helvey, Cpl Seigel, Pvt Quirolo, Pvt Lonergan, Pfc Fasteen, Pvt Flynn, Pfc Paul, M/Sgt Sheckels, CO Captain Bennett; middle row: Pvt Constantino, Pfc Deckens, Pfc Pascuzzi, Pvt Temkin, Sgt Gilbert, Pfc Folino, Pvt Stroh, Pvt Hannon, Pvt Fischer, Pfc Seif, Pvt Muraca; front row: Cpl Tilbrook, Pfc Schultz, Pvt Martin, Pvt Amendola, Pvt Rus, Pvt Farney, Pfc Pedersen, Pvt McNabb, Pfc Brassard, Pfc Babcock, Pfc Benson, and Pvt Guthrie.


C. O.


   When the Detachment was broken up into its presently existing companies, Repro was fortunate enough to obtain Captain Bennett as its Company Commander. He was certainly experienced in commanding such a group as he was the original CO for the Detachment prior to the arrival of Lt Col McCulloch. As his apt assistant and 1st Sgt, M/Sgt Sheckels was in command of the troops and company administration on the EM level. Here, too, was an experienced man as he had the fortune or misfortune, be it as it may, of being 1st Sgt of the original Detachment, again serving under Capt Bennett as he was now to do.


   In addition, the officer personnel was rounded out with Lt DeFranco as Repro Officer and Lt Aud as Executive Officer. When the company was formed in its original status, the orderly room was found in the S 1 Hqs. Here, amongst the utter confusion that usually accompanies an office of this sort, was transacted the business of the Repro Company until its eventual move to the barracks in 2525. This move occured in the early part of April 1952.
   In the course of its history, Repro supplied a great number of EM for TL&VA, Photo Lab, Print Shop, etc. It has been the backbone for printing the Psyn-Post from its earliest 4-page memeograph issue to its latest offset format.

This is not a copy of the original.  However the text is as it was originally and the photographs are inserted in the same general location as in the original.  Many thanks to Elmer Horne, former 2nd Lt in the 2nd L & L and PsyWar Detachment (see S 2 Section on Page 9), who supplied a copy of "The Psyn-Post" and without whose help this page would not be possible.

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