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Idlers of the Airwaves

Prov. MRB

PROVISIONAL MOBILE RADIO BROADCASTING COMPANY:¹ Reading from left to right, top row: Pfc (Hans E.) Ulander, Cpt (John) Dates, Cpl (Michael) Ruppe, Pfc (Norbert G) Stahl, Pvt (Paul) Calvert, Cpl (Donald G.) Odean, Pfc (Reuban B) Seetoo, Pvt (Alfred L) Garaude, Cpl (Marion F) Karwacki, Pvt (Paul K) Monobe, and CO, 1st Lt (Theodore C) Rutmayer; front row: Pvt (Alan G) Smith, Sgt (Clarence C) Bishop², Cpl(Carl L) Jones, Pfc (Charles R) Mills, Pvt (Albert) Mandel, Pfc (Theodore J) Wolfe, Pvt (Fritz E) Kurtz³, Cpl (Ludwig C) Olsson, Pfc (LaVerne D) Anderson, M/Sgt (James A) Mansfield, and M/Sgt (Harris R) Mills.



C. O.


   Immediately at the outset of operation, MRB began selecting their men carefully, with an eye to the future. Many of the personnel assigned to the company were former employees of radio and TV stations throughout the nation.
   In March, the company overcame its greatest obstacle, by collecting various pieces of radio equipment which were incorporated into a radio workshop, set up in the former Detachment Classroom.


   Under the supervision of CO Lt Rutmayer, and the assistance of Lts Johnson, Price and Camire, and M/Sgt Mansfield, Sgts Lawson and Bishop, much headway was made in the field of radio monitoring and record cataloguing----the latter to be used by the entire company in future PsyWar productions.
   Although limited geo- graphically and technically, MRB assigned linquists to monitor foreign broadcasts around-the-clock, and were able to turn in excellent reports.



   MRB may well be proud of their accomplishments to date, and if recent results are an indication of the caliber of work they are capable of, MRB will be the spearhead of many future operations.



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