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HQ Company

PROVISIONAL HEADQUARTERS COMPANY, (GROUP I): Reading from left to right, top row: CO, Lt. Fairchild, Pfc Bochert, Pfc Glascock, Pvt Follett, Pvt Marrington, Pvt Bua, Pfc Vorzimer, Pfc Pollack, Pvt Oppenheim, Pvt Hucal, Pfc Kamei, and M/Sgt Parmer; middle row: Pvt Kostka, Pvt Lewis, Pvt Babtist, Pvt Triphon, Pfc Brick, Pfc Nemia, Pct Cannistraro, Pct Randazzo, Cpl Mihalik, Pvt Grodnick, Pvt N. Smith; front row: Pvt Rezler, Pvt Fackler, Pvt Leoschke, Pvt Weimer, Cpt Patlan, Pvt McCaffrey, Pfc Honyara, Pvt Bergstrom, Pvt Smitka, Pvt Friedman, Sgt Fukuda, Sfc Whitney.

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   More than a figment of the imagi- nation, but still never a reality, Headquarters Company had its early beginnings in the S-sections, as all Army headquarters do. In its earliest stages, "S" had more of the meaning of "Small" than any other connotation. While the Detachment was billeted in the AOC Area, S 1 and S 4 were comfortably located on top of one another in the same cadre room. The wait for a Detachment area of their own left the operations of these sections purely administrative, with little more than the dreams of activation as a remote incentive.
   If the dreams were long in materializing, the Detachment area was not. The present 2 buildings were procured in October 1951, and with S 1 and the CO's office in one building, and the 2 and 3 sections in the other, the Detachment grew.

This is not a copy of the original.  However the text is as it was originally and the photographs are inserted in the same general location as in the original.  Many thanks to Elmer Horne, former 2nd Lt in the 2nd L & L and PsyWar Detachment (see S 2 Section on Page 9), who supplied a copy of "The Psyn-Post" and without whose help this page would not be possible.

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