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       On 29 Mar 1951, a little more then 2 mo. before my 22nd birthday, and 9 months and 4 days after the start of the Korean War, I was inducted into the U. S. Army at Harrisburg, PA. (Actually New Cumberland Army Depot)   (Read the Military Oath)   The same day our group of inductees was sent to Ft. George G. Meade, MD for completion of processing as lowly Privates (E1).  While at Ft. Meade the commanding officer of the processing company discovered that I had a clerical work background before being inducted and retained me about one week to assist the company clerk with the paper work involved in processing inductees.

       I was finally transferred to Ft. Belvoir, VA for training in the Corp. of Engineers on 10 April 1951.  This was due to prior training and employment as a photographer and photo-lithographic platemaker.  After completion of Basic and Advanced Construction Engineer training I was tested and then given the Military Occupational Specialty of Photo-Lithographer [3107] without further training since my civilian experience in that job was deemed sufficient.  (Among other things, the Corps of Engineers has the responsibility of producing maps for the military.)  After completion of the testing I was first placed in charge of a crew that was placing concrete 'critique' pads and floors in various training buildings in the Accotink woods.  (In the wonderful way the Army works they thought since I worked for a concrete company just prior to induction, I should be able to handle it!)1  About that time I unknowingly was promoted to Private (E2) on 29 July 1951 and was finally transferred to the 5th Army and sent to Ft. Sheridan, IL for reassignment on 3 August 1951.  At Ft. Sheridan I had no duty while they decided what they wanted to do with me!

       Instead of being assigned to a map-making company, on 23 August 1951 I was assigned to the 2nd Loudspeaker and Leaflet Co. at Ft. Riley, KS as they were in need of photo-lithographers.  Instead, I wound up as a Personnel Clerk.

       I was separated from active duty on 28 Mar 1953 in the rank of Sergeant [E5] and assigned to the Enlisted Reserve Corps, 2131 USAR Control Group (Reinforcement) at Pennsylvania’s Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, Indiantown Gap, PA.  After assignment to the holding company at IGMR I was retained in the inactive reserve until 19 Mar 1957 when I was Honorably Discharged in the rank of Sergeant.

Sweet is war to those who have never experienced it. -- Latin Proverb

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he today that sheds his blood with me;
Shall be my brother.
-- Shakespeare, "Henry V"

       Note 1  Fort Belvoir remained the home of the Engineer School until 1988.  Due to a shortage of land for training at Belvoir, the Engineer School relocated to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, thus ending the 76-year association between the Engineer School and Belvoir.

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