Ft. Riley, KSFt. Riley, KS

2d Loudspeaker & Leaflet Co. and
Psychological Warfare Detachment Area

Camp Forsyth, Fort Riley, KS
Circa 1951 - 1952
Gone, but not forgotten!

Camp Forsyth Map


#1:  Building 2569 marked in Orange does not appear on the large topographicial map.  I believe that was the company's orderly room (HQ).

#2:  Building 2525 marked in aqua and building 2528 marked in bright green are marked as "barracks".  In April of 1952 the Reproduction Company of The PsyWar Detachment worked in the first and may have been quartered in the second.  At this time we feel the personnel may have been absorbed into the 6th Radio Broadcasting & Leaflet Group, although we have no positive knowledge or information except that it is also the building in the photo shown on Alan Smith's Page about the 8th M R & B.

#3:  Building 2520 marked in Red is designated "M-250" which seems to agree with my recollection that it was our mess hall.

#4:  While there I discovered I had an impacted "eye" tooth (never lost a baby tooth!) and I went to the building 2511 marked in Yellow, "DC-1" (Dental Clinic) to have it taken care of - the first time I ever had novacain in my life.  I think the young dentist was more concerned then I was!!!

#5:  I believe that barracks 2521 & 2522 were our barracks before going to TX.  Barracks 2523 (All marked in deep blue.) was added after we returned from Operation Longhorn in Texas.

#6:  I have marked Bldg. 2504 in Purple.  This is the HQ of the 84th Engr Cons Bn.  This must have been the HQ where our personnel section was located after our return from Texas.  It's where I first acquired all the enlisted records for the Psywar Detachment as it was formed.  I recall that I could easily walk there from the barracks each morning.

#7:  Bldg. 2325 marked in deep red is Fire Station #3.

Ft. Riley History

Many thanks to Elmer Horne, former 2nd Lt in the 2nd L & L and PsyWar Detachment, who supplied maps of the Fort Riley area and a portion of the above information, and without whose help this page would not be possible.

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