Fort Bragg, North Carolina

						28 March 1953

SUBJECT:  Letter of Commendation and Appreciation

TO:	  Sgt Frank R Haus

     1.  Whatever I can say at the time of your departure from
your position in this headquarters constitutes small reward for
the services you have rendered.  You have tirelessly demonstrated
unusual capability for duties of administrative nature, performing
at all times in a superior manner.  Not only has your performance
been examplary, but you have maintained a cheerful and willing
attitude through some trying periods.  I appreciate this per-
formance and attitude in double measure since the excellence you
have displayed is not only an indication of your own ability but
has added to my own reputation and made execution of my own duties
easier by far.

     2.  Knowing that you are interested in a commision in one
of the reserve components of the Armed Forces, I write this in
hope that it may serve you to gain that end.  I recommend you
highly and feel certain you can acquit yourself exceptionally
well as an officer.  If you need more than this as a recommend-
ation, feel free to call on me at any time.  Let me add that had
policy permitted more rapid promotion, I feel certain you would
have long since attained the highest enlisted grade. Your present
grade is by no means an indication of your true abilities.

     3.  Not only do I view your departure as a loss to this or-
ganization, but I feel sincere personal regret at your leave-
taking.  Our association has been very pleasant at all times.  I
hope we may renew our acquaintance at some later time.  Please
accept my best wishes for a successful life in what ever civilian
occupation you may choose.

				     Don M Anderson
				     1st Lt     Inf
				     Actg  Adjutant

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