3rd Army Patch
Ft. Bragg, NC
1952 - 1953

D M Anderson
1st Lt. Don M. Anderson
Actg. Adj., 6th R B & L Gr.
Ft Bragg Chapel
Ft. Bragg Chapel
EM @ 6th RBL Hq
EM at 6th RB&L. Gp Hq (L to R)
Back Row: Cpl Hans Mueller, Pvt. Joe Nemia,
Cpl Lyndon Heaton, Cpl Bochat, unknown,
M/Sgt Dixon
Front Row: Cpl John McCloud,
Cpl Winnie Lansford, Pvt. Cliff Fackler,
Pvt. Petrovich, SFC Cummings
Sgt F R Haus
Sgt Frank R. Haus
6th RBL Officers
Officers of 6th RB&L Gp (L to R)
Capt. William A Creamer, Maj. Francis J. Hartigan,
1st Lt. Don M. Anderson
Lt Panzer CO
CO 2nd L&L Co., 1st Lt. D. A. Panzer
Personal Time 1
"Some Personal Time"
Alex Dudoroff, Ron Salisbury, Stan Piegat
Personal Time 2
"Saturday Afternoon"
Don Hillier
Personal Time 3
"Sunday Relaxation"
Ralph Edinger
Personal Time 4
"Dayroom Reverie"
Frank Haus
Gp Personnel Section
Personnel Section
6th RB&L Gp (L to R)
Standing: Cpl Hans Mueller,
Cpl Lyndon Heaton
Front Row: Cpl John A McCloud,
Pvt. Cliff Fackler, Cpl Winnie Lansford,
Pvt Joe Nemia

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